Studies on Mobility and Transport Research
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Vol. 1:

Gronau, Werner (Ed.):
Passenger Intermodality
Current Frameworks, Trends and Perspectives.

Vol. 2:

Gronau, Werner / Dolores Sanchez Bengoa (Ed.):
Transport Planing in the Eastern Mediterranean
Challenges and Perspectives.

Vol. 3:

Gronau, Werner / Reiter, Karl / Pressl, Robert (Ed.):
Transport and Health Issues.

Vol. 4:

Gronau, Werner / Fischer, Wolfgangl / Pressl, Robert (Ed.):
Aspects of Active Travel.
How to encourage people to walk or cycle in urban areas.

Vol. 5:

Gronau, Werner / Miler, Ryszard / Pac, Bohdan (Ed.):
Maritime Logistics in the EU

Vol. 6:

Pac, Bohdan / Miler, Ryszard:
Competitiveness of the selected southern baltic seaports based on their logistic capabilities.